Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tummy Toys

Earlier this week, Gracie was laying in bed with me, with Austin relaxing next to us. Aunt Tracie had just left and Grace had been admiring her growing belly, wanting to know all about the baby that was inside.
So Gracie asks me (insert absolutely precious little voice), 'Mommy? Did I live in your tummy?'
"Was I little bitty like Twacie's baby?"
"Yes. You were tiny."
"Did I play in your tummy?"
"ummm...I suppose you did."
"I DID! I played! Mommy? Did I have TOYS in there? Do you have toys in your tummy?"
"ummmm, sure! I have toys in my tummy."
"I loved playing with toys in your tummy. Mommy? Can I go back? Can I go back in your tummy?"
Of course I had to break the news to her that once you are out you can't go back in. ;)
But it was a price-less conversations, none-the-less.

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