Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tea Party!

So, Libby and Gracie were cordially invited by Lauren to a fabulous (dress up) tea party this afternoon. Lauren's mom Ginger and I are best friends, and a little fabulous ourselves, so naturally we dressed for the occasion.

Libby and Gracie were so excited. They wore white, frilly dresses, bedecked with some of my costume jewelery, heels, and their hair piled up with curls!

The tea party was a success! But Gracie had that look on her face for most of it. The one that says, 'I'm about to really get rotten...' They had tea and cookies, took off to play in Lauren's room and then Gracie, my always temperamental youngest, flaked out right at the end. Something about wanting to keep a barbie. And then she did it....

She plopped right down on the floor, her white dress billowing around her, and wailed. Niiiiice..

I like what Ginger's mom said about the whole thing, after Ginger laughed and said someone might call CPS (joking of course). Judy said, 'Well, make sure you call them after, or else they'll just interrupt you.'

That little girl....she will put every gray hair in my head. Of that, I'm positive!

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