Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad

Friday, July 30, 2010


After I started working on this blog, I began to pick thru some of the pics I have saved on the laptops. I've come across some great ones. Newborn pictures at the hospital of both Gracie and Libby, Stevie's very first day of school, years-old Easter pics. I had the idea that maybe doing a 'Flashback' sort of post every now and again would be fun! That way I could include pics and record memories that have long past.
And then I came across this snapshot. WHOA! Talk about flashback.
This is my mom and me...looking a bit 'Dukes of Hazzard' if I must say so myself. lol
I can still remember this time; maybe not the days specifically, but that time in our life when it was just me and mom against the world.
Doesn't she look amazing?
This pic would have been about 1983 or '84, I think. The car belonged to a family friend (?). It looks like a perfect car to attempt to slide across the hood and swing in feet first, Dukes - Style, but my guess is that I never got to do that on this car. lol Something tells me I probably tried but didn't get very far.
Back then, my best friend was Tracie Williams (the peanut butter to my jelly- the st ends to my be fri). To this day, she still is. My favorite toy back then was my 4' tall doll (what later became the 'my size barbie) and her name was Daisy. (Yes, after the Dukes of Hazzard!) Only, by this time she had one arm, maybe a leg was hanging precariously, and what was left of her hair was matted. Oh, and lets not forget she had one, glaring, rolling, off center eye. Yep. Daisy ruled. We had a 'dumpster' funeral for her. Everyone attended. It was quite moving. lol (had to be-I remember it to this day)!

Well, that's a blast from the past. Mom still looks beautiful, I'm all grown up and Daisy (and that gorgeous car!) are long gone. But memories from the '80's are still the best.....;)


  1. Hey, Dad here, you, mom and "I" against the world, it was 1982, you had not yet met Tracie, you didn't hook up with Tracie until 1984 when we moved to Oakhurst Street.
    The car was a 1966 GTO.That belonged to the now deceased Glen Edwards.

    I took the picture in the driveway of the infamous "Yellow house on Carroll street..........:)

  2. Ha! I couldn't be sure if it was the yellow house or Oakhurst. But I was thinking it was 84...It was something about the background made me think so....
    Glad there's someone still around that's old enough to recall these details....ha ha ha!
    I thought it might've been Glenn's car. That's the one he drove through Hurricane Alicia with, right?
    Mom sure does look crazy young in that pic! She's younger, or as young as Ashley there!

  3. she is exactly my age if it is 1982 :)